NOSO at the federal and cantonal levels

The cantons play a crucial role in the NOSO Strategy. They know the needs of care providers and provide financial support. The federal government makes sure that measures are implemented on a structured and coordinated basis.

Metastudy on preventable infections

For the first time there is now a metastudy determining the share of the most frequent infections in hospitals that could be avoided with multimodal preventive measures.

Operational targets for hospitals

The federal government and its partners have set operational targets through which they will create a common vision of how the overall rate of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) is to be reduced in Switzerland.

Analysis of training requirements

More practical exercises, less theory – this could be one measure during vocational training to bridge the gaps in knowledge of healthcare personnel.

Study on incentive systems

A study has provided rich insights into the factors that motivate hospitals and nursing homes to undertake concerted efforts to combat healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Minimum requirements for hospitals

A catalogue defines uniform national minimum requirements for the optimum prevention and control of HAI in acute-care hospitals.

Last modification 03.12.2019

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