NAPS key groups

NAPS focuses primarily on population groups that have an increased risk of infection with sexually transmitted pathogens and on people who have already been infected. 

NAPS designates population groups that have an increased risk of infection with sexually transmitted pathogens or who are already living with a sexually transmitted infection as key groups.  Their composition can change depending on the epidemiological situation. People can also belong to several key groups at the same time.

According to current knowledge, the following people belong to key groups addressed by NAPS (in alphabetical order):

  • Gay, bisexual, queer and other men who have sex with men (MSM)

  • People from countries with an increased prevalence of sexually transmitted pathogens

  • People in prison

  • People living with HIV, the hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus and/or other STIs and their sexual contacts

  • People who inject, inhale or sniff drugs

  • People who offer sexual services for money

  • People who pay for sex in Switzerland or abroad

  • Trans people




Further information

Communicable Diseases Legislation – Epidemics Act, (EpidA)

The Epidemics Act aims to ensure that communicable diseases are detected, monitored, prevented and controlled at an early stage and helps to better manage disease outbreaks with a high risk potential.

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