National programme (NAPS): Stop HIV, hepatitis B and C viruses and sexually transmitted infections

The NAPS programme builds on almost 40 years of successful prevention.  The aim is to eliminate the transmission of HIV and the hepatitis B and C viruses by 2030 and reduce the number of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Goals of NAPS

The National Programme to Stop HIV, Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus and Sexually Transmitted Infections (referred to as NAPS) is a Swiss initiative with an ambitious goal: to eliminate transmissions of HIV and the hepatitis B and C viruses by 2030.  When it comes to other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), NAPS aims to reverse the trend and reduce the spread of syphilis, HPV (human papillomavirus), Mpox (monkeypox) and gonorrhoea in particular; in other words, reduce their incidence. The NAPS initiative will thus make a significant contribution to improving the sexual health of the population.

NAPS: opportunities and challenges

Over the past 40 years or so, Switzerland has managed to prevent the spread of HIV, hepatitis B and C viruses and STI epidemics to the population as a whole. The average spread of HIV in Switzerland is relatively low and stable: around 0.2 per cent of the population has an HIV infection. The number of notifications of hepatitis B has been trending downwards since 2017.  The number of newly reported cases of hepatitis C has been declining for 20 years. Increases in the numbers of some STIs are essentially the result of more testing.

Switzerland wants to go further and significantly reduce the remaining health risks. However, challenges remain. For example, access to healthcare is not sufficiently guaranteed for the entire population. The barriers to prevention are sometimes too high, especially for people who are at an increased risk of infection. The entire prevention cycle is affected, from information, counselling, vaccination and testing through to treatment. In addition, those affected continue to be stigmatised and discriminated against, which makes access to healthcare even more difficult for them.

The cornerstones of the NAPS initiative

The graphic below provides an overview of NAPS, its vision, desired impact, fields of action, approaches and values.

Graphic on the vision, fields of action, approaches and values of the NAPS programme


The national programme Stop HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted infections (NAPS) is available in German and French



Further information

Communicable Diseases Legislation – Epidemics Act, (EpidA)

The Epidemics Act aims to ensure that communicable diseases are detected, monitored, prevented and controlled at an early stage and helps to better manage disease outbreaks with a high risk potential.

Guidelines and recommendations on sexually transmitted infections

The FOPH draws up guidelines and recommendations for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections along with the Swiss Federal Commission for Sexual Health (FCSH).

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