Competence centre for community interpreting

It is important that community interpreting in healthcare is professional and of a high standard. This is why the FOPH, together with the State Secretariat for Migration, supports the umbrella organization INTERPRET.

INTERPRET is dedicated to community interpreting (face-to-face or by phone) and performs the following tasks:

  • increasing visibility of community interpreting through PR and awareness-raising activities to ensure the service is used appropriately;
  • assuring quality and promoting the development of community interpreting through professional qualifications for interpreters.

Interpreting face-to-face or by phone

In case of communication problems, healthcare professionals can call in interpreters face-to-face or by phone.

  • In the case of planned consultations involving complex or emotional topics, the physical presence of an interpreter (face-to-face interpreting) can be helpful.
  • In the case of unpredictable, unplanned or short consultations, interpreters are available via telephone interpreting services.

INTERPRET's website (available in German, French or Italian) lists the contact details of the regional agencies in Switzerland that can place professional community interpreters face-to-face or by phone or by video conference.

Last modification 22.03.2022

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