migesplus: a portal for health equity

The FOPH supports the migesplus competence centre, which distributes easy-to-understand health information for disadvantaged groups and in the languages of Switzerland’s migrant population.

The migesplus competence centre is run by the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) and specializes in the development, translation, production and dissemination of health information that is easy to understand and tailored to the needs of migrant audiences. migesplus.ch provides specialists with tips, tools and support to produce health guides for disadvantaged groups and in the languages of the migrant population.

Institutions in the healthcare sector that have readily understandable and multilingual information materials on health topics are invited to publish them on migesplus.

Publications on migesplus

The migesplus web platform provides brochures, flyers, guides and films produced by numerous organisations that explain health topics to disadvantaged and migrant groups in an easy-to-understand way or in their native languages. migesplus is therefore a central source of health information in Switzerland for hard-to-reach target groups.

Health Guide to Switzerland

One of the central publications on migesplus is the Health Guide to Switzerland. It is available for free in 19 languages and was developed by the SRC on behalf of the FOPH. It provides information on medical care in Switzerland, explains sickness and disability insurance and contains the details of the most important contact points in the health sector.

Further information

Health Equity

Our health system must be accessible to all, regardless of language, origin, social status or educational level.

Health Literacy

We are committed to exploring and empowering the health literacy of the Swiss population. The results of the Swiss Health Literacy Survey show that there is potential for improvement.

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