Making health promotion accessible to all

The FOPH works to ensure that actors in health promotion and prevention also include the migrant population in their measures and campaigns.

Traditional health promotion and prevention campaigns often fail to fully engage with migrant populations living in Switzerland. Yet scientific studies show there is a close correlation between migration background, social deprivation and health risks or burdens. State and non-state actors at all levels therefore need to do more to target migrants in their health promotion and prevention activities. Otherwise they are failing to reach an important segment of their target audience – with the resulting risks and costs this entails.

Migrant-appropriate health promotion

The FOPH supports migrant-friendly health promotion and prevention in a number of areas, including (available in German and French only):

Resources for projects aimed at migrant populations
Migrant-friendly communication and campaigns
Migrant-appropriate health promotion in cantons

One of the aims is to adapt existing health promotion and prevention campaigns to migrant needs. This involves cooperating with the relevant bodies within the FOPH (particularly national prevention programmes and campaigns), and raising awareness in the cantons and among other actors in the field. New programmes are created if it is not sensible or realistic to further develop existing ones. competence centre

Those who would like to design a migrant-friendly health promotion or prevention campaign can use the services of The competence centre, which is run by the Swiss Red Cross on behalf of the FOPH, offers support and advice in developing, translating and disseminating information materials aimed at migrant populations and other disadvantaged population groups.

Further information

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