Research on Health Equity

The FOPH develops knowledge bases in the field of health equity and instigates studies on the health of deprived population groups.  

Equity Indicators

A research team has succeeded in measuring equity in Swiss healthcare on the basis of potentially avoidable hospital admissions. The study results show that there is a clear link between potentially avoidable hospital admissions and socio-economic disadvantage. The concentration of healthcare providers and cultural diversity also play a role.

Assessing Equity

Basic reports

The FOPH has commissioned a number of basic reports (in German and French) to define its future activities in the areas of Health Equity:

The research activities aim to monitor developments and issues in the field of health equity and to obtain in-depth insights in order to be able to implement targeted measures. Analysis is to be conducted in the next few years to determine the costs of excessive, insufficient or inappropriate treatment among disadvantaged groups and to identify the benefits of the implemented measures.

Health of the Migrant Population 2017

Data from the Swiss Health Survey (SHS) have been specifically analysed with regard to health inequalities:

To complete the picture, additional surveys are to be conducted on groups that are poorly represented in the SHS (e.g. asylum seekers).

Further Research Reports

Thematically categorised further information and research reports can be found on the health equity website and on the following pages:

The topic of health equity is also a priority internationally. The World Health Organization WHO and the European Union consider health equity a condition for security, peace and social prosperity and have published recommendations and reports to promote it. You will find further information in the infobox below.

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