Swiss Hospitals for Equity

Swiss Hospitals for Equity works with the FOPH to campaign for equitable access to quality care for all patients – regardless of their origin, language or socioeconomic situation.

Ensuring a high level of patient safety and quality of care in view of increasing patient diversity is a major challenge for hospitals. The FOPH supported a number of larger hospitals and hospital groups with this task as part of the National Programme on Migration and Health. These institutions have joined forces to form the Swiss Hospitals for Equity network and are committed to improving quality of care for disadvantaged groups and breaking down barriers to access.

You will find an overview of the current activities of Swiss Hospitals for Equity Network in the infobox below.

National conferences and call to action

In November 2016, Swiss Hospitals for Equity presented aspects of everyday clinical practice at a national conference and discussed equal opportunities and quality in healthcare with policymakers, representatives of the research community and healthcare practitioners. You will find a link to the film about the conference in the infobox below.

The call to action, which the hospitals launched back in 2013 at their first national conference (which at the time was still called Migrant-Friendly Hospitals MFH), is still open – interested hospitals are welcome to join the network.

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