Health information for people who have fled Ukraine

People from Ukraine in need of protection require health information. Useful information on Switzerland’s healthcare system is set out here, covering medical care, health insurance and other health-related topics – in Ukrainian and other languages.

Access to medical care

People from Ukraine in need of protection are entitled to medical care in Switzerland. The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) has issued information on how people in need of protection can obtain health insurance and access medical care. Please consult the information published by the SEM on the page Questions and Answers on the Ukraine crisis.

Information in native languages

The competence centre, which we support, sets out health information for migrants in fifty languages. A new page has been compiled especially for people from Ukraine who are in need of protection. This sets out useful information (including in Ukrainian) on medical care in Switzerland. You will also find brochures, fact sheets and films covering many other health topics there.

New online portal: please also note the new online portal HELPFUL. It offers information and online chat for people from Ukraine in Switzerland: in Ukrainian, in Russian and in the official languages of Switzerland.

On the website asylum-info of the SEM you can find information about the asylum procedure, the federal asylum centers and life in Switzerland - also in Ukrainian or Russian.

MM-Mobile Health Check questionnaire: In the interests of their health people seeking protection are advised to complete the electronic MM-Mobile Health Check questionnaire. Then the person seeking protection will receive a note as to whether it is necessary to consult a doctor. The opportunity to complete the questionnaire is offered to all those seeking protection at registration and also subsequently at

Information for professionals on the MM-Mobile Health Check questionnaire (available in German, French or Italian):

Answers to health questions

Information sheet: People from Ukraine in need of protection should also consult the information sheet with answers to questions on health insurance and medical care in Switzerland: Health: people in need of protection from Ukraine - also available in Ukrainian and Russian.

Vaccinating children: In Switzerland, children are usually vaccinated by their pediatrician or family doctor. Here you can download the key points on vaccinations for children in Switzerland - also in Ukrainian.

Migration and trauma: here you will find information for refugees and carers

Mental health: the brochure When you just can't forget provides information on the development, consequences and management of post-traumatic stress disorder - also available in Ukrainian and Russian.

Help in case of violence: Protect yourself from threats, exploitation and violence. This factsheet informs women (with and without children) what to look out for in order to protect themselves as best as possible and where to get professional advice and help. The factsheet is available in German, French, Ukrainian and Russian.

Coronavirus: here you can find information about Covid-19: migesplus

Health Guide to Switzerland: the very popular brochure Health Guide to Switzerland, which explains the Swiss health care system in 19 languages, is also available in Ukrainian and Russian.

Dental treatment for refugees: information about responsibility and funding (also in Ukrainian and Russian).

Sexual health: Factsheet on sexual health (pregnancy, childbirth, HIV) and sexual rights (available in Ukrainian, Russian, German, French and Italian).

Swiss Aids Federation: information on addiction, HIV and hepatitis

Tuberculosis: Information from the Swiss Lung League for interested individuals and professionals (in German, French and Italian; with FAQ in Ukrainian and Russian).

Diphtheria: Factsheet for people seeking protection on diphtheria and vaccination against diphtheria

Rabies: Pets from Ukraine must satisfy the usual import conditions regarding protection against rabies. See the page Dogs, cats and ferrets.

Children Guidelines: for the medical treatment of Ukrainian children professionals are asked to consult the guidelines of the Migrant Health Reference Group of Pädiatrie Schweiz and Pediatric Infectious Disease Group of Switzerland.

Further information

Healthcare provision for asylum seekers

Asylum seekers and refugees are often particularly burdened in terms of health and need adequate health care. Several studies on this topic have been commissioned by the FOPH.

Competence centre for community interpreting

It is important that community interpreting in healthcare is professional and of a high standard. This is why the FOPH, together with the State Secretariat for Migration, supports the umbrella organization INTERPRET.

Health Equity

Our health system must be accessible to all, regardless of language, origin, social status or educational level.

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