Health Equity

Our health system is based on the principle of openness and solidarity. It must be accessible to all, regardless of language, origin, social status or educational level.  

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Activities to promote health equity

Focus on the socially disadvantaged groups: facts & figures, basic reports and target groups for FOPH activities.

Making health promotion accessible to all

Resources for projects, health information and campaigns that take into account the needs of disadvantaged groups.

Strengthening health literacy of disadvantaged groups

The migesplus website, a practical guide to health literacy and other ways of improving knowledge and self-reliance.

Equal opportunities in healthcare

The Swiss Hospitals for Equity network and other measures to improve healthcare provision for disadvantaged groups.

Healthcare professionals and managing diversity

Recommendations and options for training to improve specialist skills and expertise.

Community Interpreting

Quality assurance, interpreting services and studies on improving communication in the health sector.

Research on Health Equity

Information for specialists looking to devise measures and projects in specific fields.

Programme on Migration and Health 2002–2017

Strategic principles for promoting health equity and for integrating disadvantaged migrants.

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