Support programme «Interprofessionality in healthcare»

The support programme «Interprofessionality in healthcare» is intended to improve interprofessional cooperation in the healthcare system and thereby increase efficiency.

NOW ONLINE: Final conference
support programme «Interprofessionality in healthcare» 2017-2020

After four years, the support programme «Interprofessionality in healthcare» is coming to an end. On this occasion all interested parties are invited to participate in the

final conference
23th November 2020, 09.15 until about 16.20

All information on the conference as well as the programme and registration form can be found on

Update: Due to the coronavirus pandemic the conference will be held online.

The programme in brief

The programme consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Knowledge bases. In this part, new, practical knowledge bases are developed in order to promote interprofessionality. To that aim, research projects are put out to tender.

  • Part 2: Models of good practice. In this part, existing interprofessional activities are documented in order to give interested members of the public an overview of current activities and aid in implementing or further developing their own range of services. For that purpose, an online project directory was created which records existing interprofessional projects over as wide an area as possible. In addition, individual projects are documented in detail and published in a brochure.

    Register of models of good practice:

    First a publicly accessible register was set up to give those interested an overview of the models, initiatives and activities already under way in interprofessional training and practice in Switzerland. The register is also designed to provide inspiration, make interprofessional models themselves more visible, and facilitate mutual networking.

    The modules already entered have been publicly available starting June 2018 on the BAG website ( this point, new models can be added to the public project register on an ongoing basis. Here is a link to the form for entering models.

    Detailed documentation on specific models in line with areas of focus:

    Parallel with setting up and managing the online register, selected models of good practice are being documented in detail. These models are selected in line with the areas of focus. The first area of focus, cross-setting treatment chains, was defined in autumn 2017 and the models selected accordingly. The corresponding brochure is likely to be published in the third quarter of 2018, and will be available for order free of charge.

Both parts of the programme take into account education as well as professional practice.

Necessity of interprofessionality

Interprofessionality is necessary in education and professional practice. As a result of social change, there will in future be more people suffering from chronic or multiple illnesses who require the services of many health specialists. At the same time, a shortage of specialists is becoming apparent. The latter will, therefore, have to work together more efficiently in future, for example, in interprofessional teams.

Further information is available on the German, French or Italian pages.

Further informations

Strategy Health2020

Going forward the Swiss healthcare system has to maintain its high quality and remain fundable and accessible to everyone. This is the goal of the 36 measures set out in the federal administration’s Health2020 strategy. Find out more here.

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