Global health issues

The FOPH works on various health issues requiring international coordination. Find out here about topics including the migration of medical personnel and international drugs policy.

Health Security

International cooperation should help to protect the Swiss public against global health risks. This is to be achieved by strengthening global prevention efforts and through more effective global coordination of control measures. This requires, in particular, a stronger WHO, promoting cooperation between member states and providing the necessary technical support, with both national and global systems for early detection, monitoring, prevention and control being reinforced.

Strengthening global patient safety

Patient safety is a central issue in global public health, fundamental to strengthening health systems and providing high quality healthcare. Switzerland is also focusing on this issue.

Innovation and Global Access to Essential Medicines

In many countries, people still do not have access to the medicines they need in order to ensure an acceptable state of health. Switzerland is committed to facilitate access to medicines while safeguarding the protection of intellectual property rights which are drivers for research and innovation.

International Drug Policy

Drawing on experience, Switzerland belongs to the countries that are promoting approaches to public health, and that place the human dimension firmly at the centre of national and international drug policy.

Disease prevention and health promotion at global level

Alcohol, smoking, a lack of exercise and poor diet are the main causes of chronic diseases, both in Switzerland and worldwide. In this area, Switzerland’s activities are aligned with WHO’s global and European action plans.

Sustainable and high-quality healthcare

The quality of healthcare offered depends very much on the available health workers and, in particular, on health workers from abroad. These migrations, however, lead to shortages in the departure country. A growing global awareness has prompted action in this respect, and Switzerland has contributed to these measures on both international and national level.

Comparisons and Analyses of Health Systems

Switzerland uses comparisons and analyses to identify the strengths, weaknesses and challenges of its health system. Switzerland is involved in a number of international bodies whose task is to facilitate inter-system comparisons.

Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Almost half of the world’s population has no access to essential health services. Each year nearly hundred million people face extreme poverty because of the money they have to spend on health services.

Last modification 26.10.2023

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