Gesundheit2020 - Health2020 - a comprehensive health care strategy

In January 2013 the Federal Council approved a comprehensive strategy entitled "Gesundheit2020" (Health 2020). A total of 36 measures across all areas of the health system aim to maintain quality of life, increase equal opportunities, raise the quality of care and improve transparency.

The measures will be implemented in the course of the next few years with the involvement of all key stakeholders. The objective is to make the Swiss health system fit to face the challenges ahead and yet to keep costs affordable.

 The four priority areas for policy action - Health 2020
Switzerland has an excellent health system and the general public is satisfied with the service it receives. However, over the coming years and decades many challenges will have to be met.
  • The number of elderly people is constantly rising, and this means a rise in chronic illnesses, current structures focus too strongly on dealing with acute care cases and there is too little transparency and control.
  • The costs of health care will continue to rise due to demographic developments and medical and technical advances, yet high health insurance premiums are already a considerable financial burden for a lot of people

Illness and the suffering it causes need to be avoided by putting in place an effective system of prevention, early recognition and long-term care.

Self-competence in health issues in all sections of the population needs to be raised, unnecessary treatments and complications need to be avoided, and the current system made as efficient as possible by implementing transparent structures and introducing better and more clearly regulated controls.

At the centre of all these measures are people and their well-being. The health system should continue to be developed for them and their needs and must remain affordable.

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