Facts & figures

How many people in Switzerland do advanced training to become medical specialists? How have health insurance premiums developed in recent years? How frequently do specific infectious diseases occur? Figures and statistics from the FOPH provide a solid basis of data facilitating sound decisions on education and public health policy. Here you’ll find relevant facts and figures in relation to different healthcare issues. 

Statistics on health insurance

In this section you can access information on health insurance premium trend monitoring, statistics on compulsory health insurance and other statistics relating to health insurance.

Facts & figures on hospitals

The FOPH is legally obliged to publish operating figures and medical quality indicators from Swiss hospitals. You can find out about hospitals, specialisations and performance, case figures etc. here.

Statistics on the health professions

How many health professionals are being trained each year? How many foreign diplomas are being recognised in the different professions? The FOPH analyses data from several registers and makes them available to the public.

Chemical Exposure in the Human Body

Although the population is exposed to chemicals, there are no measurements that permit the situation in Switzerland to be evaluated.

Statistics on Accident and Military Insurance

Statistics on Accident and Military Insurance

Facts and figures on health equity

Health equity is of great importance. The National Strategy for the Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD-Strategy) and the National Strategy on Addiction and Mental Health focus on this topic in 2018.