Your Options of Counselling

If problems arise, your first point of contact is the relevant healthcare professional or hospital. If this does not result in a solution, national – and, in some cases, cantonal – advice agencies are available. 

The Federal Office of Public Health FOPH cannot offer personal advice. Please refer to the information below and contact the appropriate counselling center. Many thanks.

Cantonal information and counselling centers

Supra-regional offers

Further information

Cure coordinate

Per il trattamento e delle cure di pazienti affetti da malattie croniche o multiple è necessario un coordinamento. Perciò nell’ambito della conferenza Sanità2020 del 26 gennaio 2015 è stato lanciato il progetto «Cure coordinate».

Health Equity

Our health system must be accessible to all, regardless of language, origin, social status or educational level.

Last modification 06.10.2022

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