Portal for clinical trials in Switzerland (SNCTP)

Clinical trials in Switzerland must be published on the research portal. The online portal has been redesigned to facilitate this procedure. The portal can be found on the website of the Portal for Human Research www.kofam.ch, which is operated by the FOPH.

Since 2014 all clinical trials in Switzerland authorised by an ethics committee have been published in the SNCTP (Swiss National Clinical Trials Portal). The study portal thus provides an important contribution to transparency in human research. At present information on approximately 43 000 studies from Switzerland and neighbouring countries can be inspected.

Benefits for researchers and the general public

The SNCTP offers different functions both for generally interested persons as well as for researchers. For each study conducted in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries, various items of information are available in English. In addition, for clinical trials conducted in Switzerland, information for laypeople in a Swiss national language is available. It can be clearly seen what subjects are researched, whether research participants are required and how those responsible for the research can be contacted. Thus, persons who wish to participate in a trial can search for suitable clinical trials. Researchers, for their part, can easily obtain an overview of current research topics in a particular specialist field.

New options for searching by disease category and rare diseases

The SNCTP is under continual development. The improvements implemented as part of the latest update include the following:

• All clinical trials conducted in Switzerland are tagged. In other words, it is now possible to search by a predefined disease category (e.g. prostate cancer). This will make it easier for patients and laypeople to find appropriate clinical trials.

• Clinical trials on rare (orphan) diseases in Switzerland can now be distinguished in the search results using a special filter. This function will also help laypeople and patients find appropriate studies more easily.

• Various minor improvements will make it quicker to find more comprehensive search results and display them more effectively.

Ongoing development

Further improvements will be made in the course of time. As before, users have a function for sending feedback on the functioning of the portal. 

Last modification 07.08.2018

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