Sexually transmitted infections

Here you can find out everything you need to know about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, also called sexually transmitted diesases. What are the other sexually transmitted infections besides HIV? How are they transmitted? How can you avoid infection? What counselling and testing centres are there if you have questions or problems?

HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections

You can find out about the different kinds of sexually transmitted infections and how they are transmitted here.

Rules for safer sex

Safer sex is the best means of protecting yourself against sexually transmitted infections. Read the rules here.

Counselling and testing centres for HIV and other STI's

Do the risk assessment and find the right counselling and testing centre for you.

Guidelines and recommendations on sexually transmitted infections

The FOPH draws up guidelines and recommendations for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections along with the Swiss Federal Commission for Sexual Health (FCSH).

Last modification 06.12.2018

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