COVID-19: Tests

The costs of COVID-19 tests are no longer met by the Swiss Confederation. In exceptional cases, however, such costs will be met by your canton or your health insurance.

If you feel that you are developing the symptoms of a cold, or you wish to additionally protect yourself or others, you can continue to observe the basic principles presented on the Protect yourself and others page. If you wish to have yourself tested for COVID-19, you will have to pay for this test yourself.

Important exceptions:

  • Your compulsory health insurance will pay the costs of any such tests individually ordered by a doctor if you have shown COVID-19 symptoms and the associated test diagnosis is needed to determine any therapy required – if, for instance, your doctor wishes to prescribe you COVID-19 antiviral medication. Any such payment will, however, still be subject to your health insurance’s deductible and copayment provisions.
  • The cantons may order COVID-19 testing to help protect the population. In the event of such a development, the costs of such tests will be met by the cantons.

If you are at especially high risk and feel that you are developing cold symptoms, you should contact your doctor or another medical specialist, so that if you are likely to have contracted COVID-19, appropriate treatment with antiviral medication can be swiftly considered.

For further information please see our Protection against flu page.

Where you can get tested

You can continue to get tested for coronavirus infection at your own expense. For information on the testing facilities available, please consult your canton’s website:

Further information

Protect yourself and others

How can we protect ourselves and others against coronavirus infection? Find out here.


All about the COVID-19 vaccination.

Last modification 10.01.2024

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