COVID-19: Travel

Here you will find information on entering Switzerland and travelling abroad.

There are currently no COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions on entering Switzerland. You do not need to present proof of vaccination, recovery or recent test results in order to enter the country. Should the epidemiological situation change, under the COVID-19 Ordinance on International Travel a country or region may be placed on the list of countries and regions with a variant of a virus of concern, to help contain the spread of the variant involved. In such an event, any persons arriving in Switzerland from such a country or region will be subject to border health measures. No country or region is currently on this list, so no such border health measures are currently required.

The entry requirements of other countries may differ from those of Switzerland, and must always be observed. In view of this, it is important to obtain all the relevant information in good time in advance of any travel planned.

Note on COVID certificates

The entire Swiss certificate system was discontinued on 1 September. COVID certificates can therefore no longer be issued.
COVID certificates issued before 1 September can still be used for travel if required, as long as they comply with the entry rules of the destination country and the QR code has not expired. The QR code of each COVID certificate is technically valid for two years.

Last modification 15.09.2023

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