Infectious diseases requiring notification – key facts

Timely and effective interventions into the dynamics of an epidemiological occurrence require that health risks from communicable diseases are identified at an early stage and reported in order to avert and prevent damage.

Meldepflichtige Infektionskrankheiten

This places high demands on the notifying doctors, hospitals and laboratories and on the design of information channels and data processing.

The reporting obligation is the key systemic element for the surveillance of communicable diseases in Switzerland. The Guide for the reporting obligation describes, in addition to the reporting criteria and reporting deadlines, the relevant specifics of the reporting procedure for communicable diseases and pathogens subject to notification. The poster shows an overview of the communicable diseases and pathogens subject to notification.

Who reports?

All doctors, hospitals, public or private healthcare institutions and laboratories in Switzerland, operate according to the ‘diagnosing party responsible for reporting’ principle.

Hospitals coordinate their reporting activities internally.

When to report?

As soon as the relevant reporting criterion is met, within 2 hours, 24 hours or 1 week - the Guide for the reporting obligation describes the pathogen-specific reporting criteria and specific features.

How to report?

With the notification form to be sent by fax or post depending on the reporting deadline - or by telephone in the case of a (suspected) pathogen that has to be reported within 2 hours.

The FOPH is introducing the electronic declaration of laboratory reports. Interested laboratories are invited to implement the electronic declaration.

Report to whom?

Always report to the cantonal medical office of the domicile of the person concerned;

Epidemiological findings must be reported to the cantonal medical office of the canton in which the diagnosing doctor, hospital or public or private healthcare institution is located.

In addition, laboratories must report directly to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH, Medical Service Reporting System, 3003 Bern; fax: 058 463 87 77).

What to report?

Doctors report clinical findings on the reporting form (incl. the patient’s personal details, laboratory diagnosis, level of exposure, vaccination status and and measures taken);

Laboratories report laboratory results on the reporting form (incl. patient’s personal details, the referring physician, sampling and test date, methodology and results) - pursuant to the FDHA Ordinance of 1 December 2015 on the reporting of observations of communicable diseases in humans (SR 818.101.126)

Hospitals report epidemiological findings on the reporting form (incl. epidemiological features, number of patients affected, measures taken).

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