Flu pandemic: Complications and recuperation

Anyone with the flu can suffer complications. The consequences of complications depend to a large extent on the patient’s general state of health. 

Potential complications

Some people have an elevated risk of suffering complications. This includes people with chronic conditions (such as asthma, other respiratory or cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cardiac insufficiency or immunodeficiency), pregnant women, infants and small children, and people over age 65. Complications most often manifest as problems with breathing, serious respiratory infections or even pneumonia.

Call your doctor immediately if you’re in a high-risk group and have flu symptoms, or if there are signs of complications.


Once you’ve had the pandemic influenza you should be immune to the virus. But the virus can continue to change, so you’re never safe from infection. For this reason you should continue to follow the personal hygiene rules.

Last modification 03.07.2024

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