Coronavirus: Monitoring

We publish regular reports on mobility, the monitoring of precautionary measures, the economic situation, the implementation of measures, and the wellbeing of members of the public. Monitoring is designed to provide further information of relevance to the progression of the pandemic in addition to the epidemiological data.

Cantonal monitoring of implementation of precautionary measures

Each week the cantons collect monitoring data on the implementation of precautionary measures on behalf of the FOPH. The cantons transmit the monitoring data collected to the National Emergency Operations Centre, which make it available to the FOPH in consolidated form.

Latest report

Monitoring of implementation of precautionary measures 15.11. – 12.12.2021 (in German (PDF, 171 kB, 07.01.2022), French (PDF, 536 kB, 07.01.2022) and Italian (PDF, 523 kB, 07.01.2022))

Summary of cantonal inspections of precautionary measures and figures on repetitive testing

Once a month, responses on the number of inspections and issues with precautionary measures in businesses and establishments are gathered and published in summary form by canton and calendar week. The cantons also regularly gather figures and information on repetitive testing.

It is not possible to compare cantons directly because there are major differences between them in terms of geographical area, number of businesses, population structure, the nature of the various economic sectors, and the way inspections and the gathering of information are organised.

Total summary 2020

Economic situation

You will find information on Switzerland’s economic situation under Economic forecasts on the SECO website.

Implementation of the measures and the health and wellbeing of the population

The FOPH is observing how members of the public are putting the measures to contain the coronavirus into practice, and how these measures are affecting their health and lives, among other things via the following two projects:

Covid Norms

The Covid Norms project run by the University of Zurich (UZH) is examining among other things the preventive behaviour of the population in Switzerland. It shows how broadly the measures are being implement and the extent to which they are accepted by members of the public.

The project employs various survey tools, co-financed by the FOPH and in some cases drawing on its expertise, to find out about people’s perceptions and attitudes. The findings are published on the Covid Norms website.

Covid-19 Social Monitor

Since the beginning of the pandemic the Covid-19 Social Monitor run by the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences has been gathering data on an ongoing basis:

  • on people’s wellbeing
  • on people’s state of physical and mental health
  • on people’s health related behaviours
  • and on the employment situation among members of the Swiss population.

The FOPH is co-funding the project and providing expertise. For information on the findings, visit the ZHAW website.

Here you will find the interim report for the period from March 2020 to June 2021:  

Monitoring of COVID-19 in Swiss hospitals

Since the beginning of the pandemic, hospitalizations of patients with COVID-19 have been recorded in a hospital sentinel surveillance system (COVID-19 Hospital Based Surveillance CH-SUR) in addition to the mandatory reporting system. The aim of this surveillance is to obtain detailed clinical and epidemiological information on the burden of disease, clinical course such as ICU treatment, risk factors and management of COVID patients. The FOPH, the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva and the Infection Control Program of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) are jointly coordinating CH-SUR. This project is financed by the FOPH.

The main results are published in a monthly report in English with a summary in French and German. Below you will find the latest edition and the reports published previously.

Latest edition


Implementation-monitoring reports to date, from June to August 2020

Last modification 12.01.2022

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