New coronavirus: International situation

Data on confirmed cases of coronavirus infections and deaths due to the disease and in the affected areas can be found here. 

Data on infections and deaths in our neighbouring countries

7.8.2020, 11.30am:

Cases of new coronavirus infections have been confirmed in 215 countries or regions.

  Confirmed cases, more than Deaths, more than
Italy 249,000 35,000
France 195,500 30,000
Germany 215,000 9,000
Austria 21,500 700
Globally 19,282,000 718,000

Affected areas: why is reference no longer being made to ‘affected areas’?

There is now a risk of becoming infected with new coronavirus in almost all parts of the world. As of 9 March we will therefore no longer be referring to ‘affected areas’.




Downloads in various languages

Information campaign ‘Protect yourself and others’: posters, videos and instructions in different languages, incl. those of Switzerland’s migrant population

Further information

Information for travellers

Recommendations for travel abroad, conditions for entry into Switzerland, mandatory quarantine for persons arriving in Switzerland

What to do in the event of symptoms and possible infection

What to do in the event of symptoms and following contact with an infected person. Information on isolation and quarantine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Infection, tests, pregnancy, symptoms, treatment, protection, masks, funerals, easing of measures, SwissCovid app, children, school, sport, travel

Situation in Switzerland

Cases of coronavirus infections and deaths, epidemiological situation, search for antibodies, advisory body, press conferences, news

Last modification 07.08.2020

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