Novel coronavirus: health insurance arrangements

In response to the coronavirus pandemic the Federal Council has declared that an extraordinary situation exists in Switzerland. Among other things this has an impact on arrangements relating to compulsory basic health and accident insurance. 

Coverage of outpatient care provided remotely

The social distancing rule included in the behavioural guidelines issued by the Federal Council in response to the coronavirus pandemic has consequences for outpatient care. The need arises to conduct necessary treatments remotely (at a distance) rather than at a medical practice, and to bill them accordingly. We have put together the currently valid options for billing phone consultations and recommended temporary solutions.

Fact sheet: Coronavirus: coverage of the costs of outpatient treatment (in German) (PDF, 320 kB, 22.05.2020)

Pharmaceuticals and tests

Pharmaceuticals: We have written to health insurers to ask them to take account of the current situation when reimbursing claims for drugs and checking requirements.

FOPH letter: coverage of pharmaceuticals (in German) (PDF, 94 kB, 26.03.2020)

Analyses: As the protective measures are gradually relaxed, the current rules on who meets the cost of testing are stated more precisely. They are set out in the updated fact sheet.

Fact sheet: Coronavirus – coverage of cost of the analyses and medical care (PDF, 388 kB, 27.05.2020)

Rehabilitation and payment collection/reminder procedure

Hospitals may have to create space for people infected with the novel coronavirus. In this case they can move other patients to rehabilitation facilities without obtaining a commitment to provide cover from the health insurer in advance.

The Federal Council has imposed a legal moratorium on debt collection proceedings. Insurers thus do not have to adhere to the specified reminder periods. Despite this, the cantons will pay 85 per cent of the value of loss certificates issued because of non-payment of premiums and cost shares.

Information to insurers and cantons (in German) (PDF, 100 kB, 26.03.2020)

Period of validity

All arrangements and recommendations are valid for as long as Ordinance 2 on measures to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) (COVID-19 Ordinance 2; SR 818.101.24) of 13 March 2020 is in force.

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