Sign language: The Federal Council makes rules and prohibitions

The Federal Council wants to protect all people in Switzerland.

That is why the Federal Council has declared:

Switzerland is now in an extraordinary situation.

This means: There are new and stricter rules.

These rules apply for all people in Switzerland!

Easing the measures

New coronavirus: Federal government measures

Further recommendations and measures

Maintaining the capacity of the healthcare system, and entry restrictions for people from high-risk countries and areas

Measures affecting the public, organisations and institutions

People at especially high risk / Healthcare / Criminal provisions

Further information

Sign language: Information about the coronavirus

What is the coronavirus?
How to protect yourself and others
Which people are especially at risk?

Sign language: When do you have to stay at home?

Do you feel unwell?
Have you had contact with somebody who is sick?
Then stay at home!

Last modification 05.06.2020

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