New coronavirus: Recommendations for everyday life

The new coronavirus is still having an impact on how we go about our daily lives. That's why we should generally still stay at home. But this has a huge impact on our daily lives. How can we best deal with these extraordinary challenges? Find out here how you can look after your health and where you can get help if you need it. 

Stay active – good for body and soul

Regular physical activity is good for us. It strengthens the body, improves our mood, reduces stress and anxiety, and boosts the immune system.

If you’re over 65 or have an underlying medical condition, you are considered to be at high risk. Staying active is therefore particularly important. Try to do some strengthening exercises and improve your stamina. Whatever you do, follow your doctor’s recommendations and look for tips and advice from the various health leagues.

Don’t sit for a long time without breaks

If you’re often at home or work from home, get up at a regular time. Give your day some structure. Gymnastic or stretching exercises are a good option.

Some ideas

Do strength exercises such as knee bends, press-ups, core muscle training or other exercises. Be creative, use objects such as water bottles, a full rucksack and heavy books instead of weights and dumbbells.

  • Play badminton or table tennis, try juggling or skipping.
  • Do coordination and stretching exercises.
  • Use the fitness and training videos available online. Share the best ones with your friends.
  • Try out training apps.
  • Dance to your favourite music, also with your partner and kids.
  • If you have a home trainer or cross trainer you haven’t used for a long time, get on and get going!
  • Go out onto the balcony or into your garden and open the windows to let in some fresh air.

Exercise tips and recommendations from the Network Health-Enhancing Physical Activity (in German, French oder Italian):

You can find answer to FAQs on sport on the FAQ page.

Anxiety, loneliness and conflict – where to get help

Within the space of just a few weeks, the new coronavirus significantly altered our day-to-day lives. That can create uncertainty. Perhaps you feel stressed or lonely, or have concerns and fears, or are experiencing difficulties in your family or relationship. The following links provide a range of tips and advice.

General sources of advice

  • offers advice and where to get help on the issues of family, working from home, financial worries, media overload, problems at home, feelings of isolation and loneliness, and addiction.
  • Finding or setting up self-help groups
  • Die Dargebotene Hand: Call 143
  • Pro Mente Sana Advice line: 0848 800 858
  • Pro Juventute emergency no. for children: Call 147
  • Pro Juventute parental counselling: Call 058 261 61 61
  • Victim Support Switzerland provides phone numbers and email addresses for anonymous advice and protection throughout Switzerland.
  • In an emergency, call the police on 117

Sources of advice on addiction in general

  • Online and anonymous counselling on all matters of addiction (in German):
  • Detailed information on addictive substances and behavioural addictions (in German):
  • Support for parents regarding addictive substances and behavioural addictions (in German):

Sources of advice on specific addictions (media and gaming, smoking, alcohol)

Further information

Contact information and links

New coronavirus: Infoline phone numbers, links to federal and cantonal authorities, and other useful websites

Protect yourself and others

Rules on hygiene and social distancing: keep your distance, wash your hands, cough/sneeze into a paper tissue/the crook of your arm, stay at home if you experience symptoms, recommendations on wearing masks and working from home

Last modification 23.06.2020

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