Coronavirus: use of the COVID certificate

The certificate requirement was lifted on 17 February 2022. COVID certificates can still be used for travel abroad.

Where is the COVID certificate used?

Use within Switzerland

The certificate requirement was lifted in Switzerland on 17 February 2022. To find out what rules apply, please visit the Measures and Ordinances page.

COVID certificates that have already been issued retain their period of validity. In addition to this, the cantons also have the authority to order measures (such as a certificate requirement) within their canton to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Use for travel

The COVID certificate is still important for international travel. Many countries, particularly in the Schengen area, are likely to continue to require a COVID certificate for entry in the future. It’s also possible that in certain countries a certificate will also be needed to go to restaurants or museums. EU-compatible COVID certificates will therefore continue to be issued in Switzerland. You will find out how to obtain a COVID certificate on the Where and how to get a COVID certificate page.

What do I have to pay attention to if I need a COVID certificate for travel?

Entering other countries

You can find out where Switzerland’s EU-compatible COVID certificate is recognised and where it can be used as well as what you need to bear in mind when travelling abroad with a COVID certificate (e.g. in terms of rules on validity) on the Travel page.

Entering Switzerland

To find out what rules apply on entry to Switzerland, please visit the Travel page.

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