New coronavirus: The Federal Council makes rules and prohibitions

The Federal Council wants to protect all people in Switzerland.

This means: There are rules.

Only a few rules and prohibitions stay in place.
What is permitted again?
What is still forbidden?

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Open and permitted

In general:

Open again:

  • Public administration
  • Post offices and banks
  • Petrol stations
  • Railway stations
  • Hospitals and doctors' surgeries

People must still keep their distance from other people.
At least 1.5 metres is the best.

Shops and businesses

Open again:

  • All shops, pharmacies, drugstores etc.


Open again:

  • All schools

Exams are also permitted.

Restaurants and bars

More than 4 people can sit in a restaurant or go to a bar.

People can play pool and darts.

Live music is permitted.

This rule is important:

  • One person in the group must provide their name and address.

Leisure time and holidays

All leisure facilities are open again.

Gatherings in public of groups of more than 30 people are possible again.


The following sports-related activities are permitted again:

  • For all those who like doing sports:
    Sports with or without physical contact with other people.
    You can also use sports facilities.
  • For all those who train in a sports club:
    All sports training is permitted again.
  • Competitions with up to 1,000 people:
    There can onl be 300 people per sector in the stadium.
    But protection measures must be in place.
    One person is responsible for the protection measures.

Gatherings and events

The following can take place:

  • Holiday camps for children and young people with up to 300 people
  • Church services and religious celebrations
  • Collecting signatures on the street
  • Demonstrations with more than 300 people
    This rule must be followed: Everybody has to war a face mask.

15 June: borders

The borders to the countries in Europe are open.

Still banned

We must prevent the coronavirus from spreading again.
That is why the following are still banned:

  • Big events with more than 1,000 people are still banned until 31 August.

Rules and prohibitions

The spread of the new coronavirus should remain under control.
Therefore there are rules and prohibitions:

  • All people in Switzerland stick to the rules!
  • All people help to prevent people at risk from getting sick.

Are you at especially high risk?

Always follow the rules

In all shops and in all places:
Follow the rules!

What is very important: All people must keep their distance from other people.
At least 1.5 metres is best.

It is important that not too many people are in a shop or a place at the same time.

Always follow the rules.
They are important:
How to protect yourself and others.

Explanatory video on wearing a face mask

In some cases, it is a good idea to wear a face mask:

  • If you cannot keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people.
    For example, when travelling by bus, tramway or train.
  • If you are in a place where you must wear a mask.
    For example, at the hairdressers.

It is important that you use the mask correctly.
This video shows you how.

Entering Switzerland

People from Europe are permitted to enter Switzerland.

People do not need to be quarantined.

Airports in Switzerland

At the airports people get information on how to protect
against the coronavirus.

At Basel Airport people have to wear a mask.
This is a rule in France and therefore also applies at Basel Airport.

Employers must protect people at risk

Are you at especially high risk?

The employer can now determine where you work.
At home or at work.

If you work in the company, you must be well protected.
This means:

  • You can keep enough distance from other people (1.5 meters) at work.
    Or there is a plexiglass shield between you and the other people.
  • You can wash your hands.

Or you can do other work where you are better protected.

Are these rules not followed in your company?

Are you not able to work from home?
Can you not protect yourself sufficiently at work?
Then you don't have to work.
But you still have to receive your salary.

Are you at especially high risk?
Then tell your employer.
Perhaps you will need a sick note from your doctor.

Who is at especially high risk? Find all the information here.

Further information

When do you have to stay at home?

Do you feel unwell?
Have you had contact with somebody who is sick?
Then call your doctor. Or do the coronavirus online check.
You must follow these rules.

Last modification 25.06.2020

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