Easy-to-read language: Information about the coronavirus vaccine

Where can you receive the vaccine?

Who can receive the vaccine?

Find out more about the coronavirus vaccine here.

The coronavirus vaccine is generally referred to as the Covid-19 vaccine.

Why do we have a coronavirus vaccine?

The vaccine protects people from being infected with the coronavirus.

Most people with coronavirus only have mild symptoms.
But there are some people who become seriously ill,
particularly people who are especially at risk.

These people may have to go into hospital.
Or die.

That is why we have a coronavirus vaccine.
To make sure that as few people as possible become seriously ill.
And fewer people die.

Where can you register to receive the vaccine?

You can register for the vaccine in your canton.
You can find information about how to do this on your canton's website.
Here is a list of all of the websites: LINK

Who can receive the vaccine?

Every person aged 12 years and above can be vaccinated.

Children under 12 are not vaccinated now.

You can find information about this on the website of your canton.

Here is a list of all the websites: LINK

Why should you get vaccinated?

This is why it would be good if as many people as possible received the vaccine.

As a result, fewer people will become seriously ill.
And fewer people will die.

Vaccination is voluntary for everyone.
You decide yourself whether you want to receive the vaccine or not.

What advantages do you have if you are vaccinated?

If you already have 2 vaccinations,
then these things are easier for you:

  • If you had close contact with a person with Corona:
    You no longer have to be quarantined.
  • You no longer need to be quarantined when travelling.
  • When you meet people in private who also have 2 vaccinations:
    You no longer have to keep distance.
    And you no longer have to wear a mask.

Do you still have questions about the vaccines?

Then call this number: 058 377 88 92
You can call this number between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m..

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