Easy-to-read language: Information about the coronavirus

What is the coronavirus?

How can you protect yourself?

What are the signs that you have got the disease?

Do you still have questions about the coronavirus?

Find out more here.

What is the coronavirus?

The coronavirus spreads a disease.
The disease is called Covid-19.

This disease makes some people very sick.
Some people are dying from the disease.

The coronavirus is highly contagious.
It's important to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

How can you get infected with the coronavirus?

How you can get infected:

  • Via close contact with a sick person
  • Via small droplets in the air:
    When a person breathes, speaks, sneezes or coughs,
    they release small droplets in the air.
    The small droplets come from the person's mouth or nose.
    You usually cannot see the small droplets.
    But the small droplets can spread the coronavirus.
    If you breathe in these droplets,
    you could become sick.
  • Via surfaces:
    The coronavirus can be found on surfaces.
    For example, on a door handle or a handrail on a train.
  • Via hands:
    If you shake hands with a sick person,
    you could become infected.

When does a person with coronavirus become infectious?

A person becomes infectious:

  • 2 days before the first symptoms
  • Up to 10 days after the first symptoms

How can you protect yourself and others?

You can protect yourself and others from the disease.

These are the most important rules:

  • Get vaccinated.
  • Keep your distance from other people.
  • Wear a face mask.
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly.

In the case of all rules: There are stricter rules in some cantons.
The rules in these cantons take priority.

You can find more detailed information about these and other rules here:

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Symptoms are signs of a disease.
Some symptoms are common.
Others are rare.
The symptoms can be very strong.
Sometimes they are only mild.

These are common symptoms:

  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pains
  • High temperature
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste.
    This means: You cannot smell or taste anything.

These symptoms can also appear:

  • Headache
  • General weakness, feeling unwell
  • Aching muscles
  • Blocked nose
  • Diarrhoea, vomiting or stomach ache
  • Skin rash

What should you do if you get sick?

Do you have a symptom that matches the coronavirus? Or several?

What is important now:

  1. Stay at home.
  2. Do a coronavirus test if you have symptoms.
    Or if your doctor recommends this.
    You can find out more about the coronavirus test here: LINK
  3. Stay at home until you get the result of the coronavirus test.

Have you had contact with somebody who has the coronavirus?

If so, you can infect other people
without knowing.
It is now important that you don't infect any other people.

Did you have close contact with this person?
If so, you probably have to go into quarantine.

You had best call your doctor.
Ask them what you have to do now.

Or call this number: 058 463 00 00
You can call this number every day between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m..

You can find more information about quarantine here: LINK

How does the disease progress?

The disease does not progress the same way in everybody.
And it is not always bad.
Some people are only slightly ill.
But some become seriously ill and have to go into hospital.

How are you treated if you get sick?

There is no medication against the disease yet.
Antibiotics don't help either.
But you can treat the symptoms (for example, cough, high temperature).

If you are unsure, ask your doctor.
If you are seriously ill,
you will be treated in the hospital's intensive care unit.

Which people are especially at risk?

The coronavirus can be dangerous for some people.
These people are especially at risk?

  • Older people
  • Pregnant women
  • Adults with Trisomy 21
  • Adults with some diseases.
    Ask your doctor,
    if you are especially at risk.

Are you especially at risk?

That's why it is important that you are very careful.
And that you closely follow all the rules. LINK

Do you still have questions about the coronavirus?

Or are you sick and are unsure about what to do next?

Then call this number: 058 463 00 00
You can call this number every day between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m..

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