Easy-to-read language: Information about protective masks

What types of protective mask are there?

How do you have to wear a protective mask?

Where do you have to wear a protective mask?

Where can you buy protective masks?

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What types of mask are there?

There are different types of face mask.
For example:

  • Disposable face masks
    Also called: Medical face masks
  • Fabric face coverings

Who has to wear a mask?

All people aged 12 and above must wear a mask.

Is it possible not to wear a mask for health reasons?
Or due to a disability?

Contact your doctor
for a certificate that exempts you from wearing a mask.

Why do you have to wear a mask?

A person with the coronavirus is highly contagious.
This means they can pass on the virus without being sick themselves.

When you wear a mask, you are protecting other people.

When people wear a mask, the coronavirus cannot spread as fast.

Where do you have to wear a mask?

Every person in Switzerland must wear a mask in most places:

  • In inside areas on public transport and aeroplanes
    This also includes train stations.
  • Inside public areas
    At the entrance to these places, there is a sign
    that says whether you have to wear a mask.
  • At events
    You get the information about this at events.
  • At work
    You get the information about this from your employer.

You may have to wear a mask in other places in your canton.

Keep an eye out at every entrance to see
whether you have to wear a mask.
This is written on a sign in most places.
Or you can ask someone.

Where do you not need to wear a mask?

You do not have to wear a mask in restaurants, bars or nightclubs
if you are sitting at a table.
Or if the 2G+ rule is applied in these places.
2G+ means that you are vaccinated or recovered.
And that you also have to show a negative coronavirus test.

Further information on the COVID certificate is available here:

LINK Information about rules and prohibitions

LINK Information about the COVID certificate

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