Sign language: Masks

What are the different kinds of masks?

How do you use a mask correctly?

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What are the different kinds of masks?

How to use a face mask correctly

What do I have to pay attention to when using a mask?

When must I wear a mask?

Where is it compulsory to wear a mask in Switzerland?

The mask-wearing requirement applies all over Switzerland in many different places and situations. Besides the nationwide rules, the cantons can make wearing masks compulsory in additional areas and situations. For this reason you must always follow the cantonal rules.

In these places you must wear a mask:

  • On public transport and on planes
  • In publicly accessible areas
  • At events
  • At work

When do I not have to wear a mask?

Further information

The Federal Council makes rules and prohibitions

The Federal Council wants to protect all people in Switzerland.
This means: There are rules.
These rules apply for all people in Switzerland!

When do you have to stay at home?

Do you feel unwell?
Have you had contact with somebody who is sick?
Then stay at home!

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