Sign language: COVID-19 vaccination

Switzerland’s vaccination programme has been under way since January 2021.

We recommend a COVID-19 vaccination with an mRNA vaccine for everyone aged 12 and over.

Where can I register for a COVID-19 vaccination?

Your canton is responsible for the vaccination. On your canton’s website you’ll find answers to the following questions: How is the vaccination organised? How can you register? There is a list of cantonal websites at

Why should I get vaccinated?

Who should get vaccinated?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions on COVID-19 vaccination here.

Further information

The Federal Council makes rules and prohibitions

The Federal Council wants to protect all people in Switzerland.
This means: There are rules.
These rules apply for all people in Switzerland!

When do you have to stay at home?

Do you feel unwell?
Have you had contact with somebody who is sick?
Then stay at home!

Last modification 02.09.2021

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