Monkeypox: vaccination & treatment

Here you will find information on the vaccination and treatment for monkeypox.

Vaccination is recommended for the following population groups

The goals of the vaccination are to prevent severe cases of the disease, complications and deaths, and to break monkeypox infection chains. Together with the Federal Commission for Vaccination FCV we recommend vaccination for the following population groups:

  • as a preventative measure for men who have sex with men and trans people with changing sexual partners;
  • as a preventative measure for people who are exposed to monkeypox viruses in connection with their work (e.g. healthcare professionals and staff in specialist laboratories);
  • for contacts of infected people

Vaccination is not currently recommended for any additional population groups.


The vaccine against monkey pox produced by Bavarian Nordic is now available in Switzerland (for the time being in the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Geneva, Vaud and Zurich). The cantons are responsible for organising and implementing the vaccination programme and determine where people can be vaccinated.

If you want to be vaccinated, seek advice

If you want to have the vaccination you must first consult a specialised medical professional. Please contact the cantonal health authorities for information on vaccination options and specialised medical professionals.

Further information: Patient information on vaccination against monkeypox (below, under Documents)

What off-label use means

The vaccine Jynneos® is authorised in Europe, the US, Canada and further countries. Bavarian Nordic will shortly submit an application to Swissmedic to support a potential marketing authorisation of the vaccine.

In Switzerland, vaccination with Jynneos® is initially being given on an off-label basis without authorisation. This means that Swissmedic has not approved the product in Switzerland and that the vaccination is administered without technical or patient information specific to Switzerland from the manufacturer.

If the vaccination recommendation takes into account the latest scientific findings and the person being vaccinated consents to the vaccination, it can be given on an off-label basis. Should you wish to be vaccinated, during the preliminary discussion with the medical specialist you will receive detailed information and the form with which you must declare your consent.


Treatment will focus on the symptoms of the disease. An antiviral therapy may be offered in particularly severe cases.

Vaccination and treatment costs

The federal government  covers the costs of vaccination and the antiviral medication as long as reimbursement by health insurers is not possible.

Further information

Analytical overview and recommendations on monkeypox virus: information page for healthcare professionals (in German, in French)

Last modification 31.01.2023

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