Roadmap to environment and health

The Environment and Health Roadmap provides an overview of the key health-related measures, projects and Federal Council transactions of FOEN and FOPH.

Background: The environment – an important health factor

Since functional biodiversity and attractive landscapes promote exercise and physical and psychological well-being, they are crucial for maintaining health and improving one's chances of living healthily. On the other hand, harmful environmental impacts are associated with numerous health risks and have a negative impact on people's lives:

  • Pollutants in the environment
  • Radiation and noise pollution, and the
  • Effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity

Objective: The Roadmap supports Health2030

The Environment and Health Roadmap (Roadmap) is a strategic package of measures that addresses certain aspects of the "One Health strategy". The One Health approach brings together human and veterinary medicine and environmental sciences, because the health of people, animals and the environment are closely intertwined. The Roadmap supports Objective 7 of Health2030, the Federal Council's health policy strategy.

Eight objectives of Health2030: 1. Utilise health data and technologies, 2. Promote health literacy, 3. Safeguard care and funding, 4. Ensure healthy ageing, 5. Improve quality of care, 6. Control costs and ease burden, 7. Promote health via the natural world, 8. Promote health at work. On the right is the Health2030 logo.

Current situation

The Environment and Health Roadmap provides an overview of the key health-related measures, projects and Federal Council transactions of FOEN and FOPH. It currently includes 49 measures assigned to four thematic priorities:

Interactions also exist, of course, between these subject areas: Climate change and loss of biodiversity, pollutants, noise and «light pollution» can negatively impact the qualities of nature and landscapes; climate change is often directly linked to pollutant levels or UV exposure.

X-axis: years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026; First bar, yellow: Health risk «Climate change and loss of biodiversity» (increasing heat stress, spread of harmful organisms, diseases and exotic species); Second bar, red: Health risks from pollutants, ionising radiation and noise; Third bar, blue: Health and non-ionising radiation (electromagnetic fields, light, UV); Fourth bar, green: Health-promoting natural and landscape attributes in the built environment. The yellow bar is connected to all three other bars. The red bar is connected to the green bar. The blue bar is connected to the green bar.

Next steps

An advisory group for the Environment and Health Roadmap started work in 2022. The Roadmap serves as a starting point for further deliberations on the networking of stakeholders involved in the environment and health:

  • Coordination and agreement of existing and future measures
  • Exploiting potential synergies
  • Prompt action when a need for action is identified

Who is involved?

The Environment and Health Roadmap was drawn up jointly by FOEN and FOPH and approved by their directorates.
An advisory group integrates all federal agencies and governmental initiatives that implement measures relating to the environment and health, or that make a significant contribution to their implementation.


Further Information

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Strategy Health2030

Everyone in Switzerland should continue to benefit from high-quality, affordable healthcare. In the Health2030 Strategy, you can find out how the Federal Council intends to achieve this goal.

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