Measuring the radon concentration

Radon concentrations can be measured simply and inexpensively using dosimeters. 

To order a radon dosimeter and to carry out a recognised measurement of radon levels, you should contact one of the measurement stations, listed below:

Only these measurement stations ensure compliance with the requirements of a recognised radon measurement. After the dosimeter has been returned to the measurement station the readings will be analysed and a written report of the results will be sent back to you. The analysis of the dosimeter results is included in the price.

Some cantons offer radon measurements at no charge. You can contact the relevant cantonal authorities in charge of matters relating to radon. Their contact details are shown below.

Recommendations for radon measurements in dwellings

  • Measurements should be made in at least two separate, frequently-occupied living spaces (e.g. living room, bedroom, children’s room).
  • Preferred spaces are those that are on the lowest occupied floor or that are in direct contact with the ground.
  • Very draughty or very damp locations should be avoided.
  • We recommend an additional measurement in basements in a space with a potentially high radon level, for example in a cellar with a natural floor.
  • The measurement should be made during the heating period as the radon concentration is usually higher in this season.


Radon measurement and evaluation (PDF, 2 MB, 01.11.2019)Note: This brochure is based on the 1994 Radiological Protection Ordinance, which has since been amended. Since 2018 a new reference level of 300 Bq/m3 has applied for the concentration of radon gas in occupied buildings. The radon map of Switzerland has been revised on this basis. Not only this, but accredited radon measurements now have to be conducted in accordance with predefined measurement protocols.

Last modification 01.11.2019

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