Radon map of Switzerland

The radon map indicates the probability [%] of exceeding the reference value of the radon concentration of 300 Bq/m3 in a building.

Probability [%] of exceeding the reference value:

Source: Federal Office of Public Health, 2018

The radon map is available in an interactive form on the geocatalog of Swisstopo. Click on that map to obtain the probability for a specific site (zoom in strongly to select a single pixel of 1x1 km). The confidence index (high, medium, low, very low) indicates the reliability of the estimated probability.


Existing buildings: Only a measurement can determine the radon concentration in a specific, existing building. The list of approved measuring services is available below (see "Documents").

New buildings: The FOPH recommendations concerning radon protection in new buildings (see "documents" below) are currently being updated. In addition to the building characteristics, it is planned to also consider the probability of exceeding the reference value of 300 Bq/m3 corresponding to the new radon map.

Last modification 28.08.2019

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