Laser pointers, Events involving Laser Radiation, Lasertag

Dangers and protective measures relating to the use of lasers.

Laser pointers


Laser pointers are hand-held devices that emit laser radiation. In recent years, dangerous laser pointers have come into circulation that can cause serious eye and skin damage. Furthermore, the beams from laser pointers may dazzle the eyes. To prevent these dangers in the future, the Federal Council has banned dangerous laser pointers in Switzerland. The ban will come into force on 1 June 2019. Further information on the disposal of dangerous laser pointers can be found on the flyer Ban on laser pointers (PDF, 350 kB, 27.02.2019). You can find detailed information about laser pointers on the fact sheet Laserpointer (PDF, 913 kB, 03.08.2021).

More information about laser pointer.

Events involving laser radiation


Some events involving laser radiation use very powerful lasers with output powers of several watts. When a laser beam of such strength - even for a very short duration - hits the eye, temporary visual impairment, after-images, reading impairment and in severe cases permanent damage to the eye may be caused. In order to minimise these risks and to protect the public of such hazardous radiation, the Ordinance to the Federal Act on Protection Against Hazards Arising from Non-Ionising Radiation and Sound (O-NIRSA) stipulates appropriate measures such as a notification obligation for events and competence.

Guidance for events involving laser radiation

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