Information for prospective examining bodies

How do I become an examining body for a certificate of competence?  

The training programmes developed by the administrative body, as well as the associated examination content and regulations, have been reviewed by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) – to ensure that they reflect the state of the art in science and technology – and incorporated into guidance for the submission of applications by prospective examining bodies.

Prospective examining bodies can submit their application to the Federal Office of Public Health by either 28 February or 31 August every year. The FOPH then assesses the applications between March and June or September and November, and a new list of examining bodies is published in October and April. The guidance and application form are available on this page.

Guidance and instructions for prospective examining bodies

The training and the examination for acquisition of the certificate of competence must reflect the state of the art in science and technology and meet the requirements of the O‑NIRSA. The guidance prepared by the FOPH is designed as an aid for examining bodies wishing to issue certificates of competence. It elaborates the requirements specified in the O-NIRSA and by the administrative body and indicates the state of the art in science and technology. Prospective examining bodies are to submit their applications in accordance with this guidance.

The guidance, which can be downloaded under “Package 1 GEN” on the German, French or Italian version of this website, includes descriptions and explanations of the following points:

  • How can an examining body be listed in the FDHA Ordinance and thus commence operations?
  • How exactly is the training for a certificate of competence to be structured?
  • What are the responsibilities of an examining body, from the conduct of training to the issuing of certificates of competence?
  • What requirements have to be met before an application can be submitted, and what are the details of the submission process?
  • How does the FOPH review applications, and what is the procedure following acceptance or rejection of an application?

Instructions for downloading the required forms and documents

All the forms and documents required can be downloaded from the German, French or Italian version of this website. Table 1 provides an overview of the documents to be submitted that are included in each package. For each application, at least the content of Package 1 and the relevant specialisation (i.e. Package 2, 3 or 4) must be submitted.

All other instructions and requirements, as well as detailed information on the form of submissions, can be found in the guidance included in Package 1.

Note: Please always download the latest forms and documents, as these are revised at regular intervals.

Table 1: Overview of downloadable packages containing the documents and forms to be submitted

Key dates for prospective examining bodies



Next submissions by 31 August 2024 or 28 February 2025

Submission of applications.

For submission, please request a link for uploading the files at at least one week before the deadline.

September to November or March to June, respectively

Applications to be reviewed by the FOPH

From April 2025 and from October 2025, respectively

New examining bodies listed by the FOPH in the FDHA Ordinance can offer training courses and examinations.

Last modification 13.05.2024

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