Continuing education in radiation protection

In addition to having the necessary basic training in radiation protection, people who have dealings with or who may be exposed to ionising radiation must do continuing education in radiation protection at least every five years. Here you will find the precise requirements.

After you have completed basic training in radiation protection you are required to do compulsory continuing training at least every 5 years. This continuing training is designed to enable you to refresh and update your radiation protection know-how.

Continuing trainings must be organised so that they cover topics as relevant to professional practice as possible on the basis of practical examples. They must cover at least two of the three following areas:

  • Recap of content covered in basic radiation protection training
  • Update on radiation protection know-how on the basis of the latest developments
  • Implementing insights from practice or measures following events and incidents

In addition to purpose-designed courses offered by training institutions, internal events, for example those involving a medical physicist, or conferences and seminars with relevant coverage of radiation protection, also count as advanced training.

Some examples of possible forms of continuing training:

  • Online e-learning, tutorials and videos
  • In-house continuing training
  • Practical continuing trainings
  • Course in radiation protection school
  • Conference/seminar covering radiation protection
  • Continuing training within expert association

Accredited/non-accredited continuing trainings

For the purposes of the continuing training requirement a distinction is drawn between a continuing training accredited by the accreditation authority and non-accredited continuing training. Occupational groups exposed to elevated hazard potential are required to do continuing training accredited by the accreditation authority.

The following table shows which occupational groups must attend continuing training:

Occupational group Continued training every 5 years Accredited
Nuclear medicine professionals 8 UI* no
Nuclear medicine professionals with radiation protection expert function (RPE) 8 UI yes
Radiology specialist with HF diploma working in radiology or radio-oncology 8 UI no
Radiology specialist with HF diploma working in nuclear medicine (non-RPE)
16 UI no
Radiology specialist with HF diplome working in nuclear medicine (RPE) 16 UI yes
Medical physicists 8 UI yes
Radiopharmacists (RPE) 16 UI yes
*45-minute units of instruction

Last modification 01.02.2021

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