Operators of X-ray systems in dentistry need a qualification in radioprotection by FOPH-recognized courses or recognition of an adequate evidence of the necessary expertise. Further information can be found here.


Radiological protection training for dentists is integrated into the basic training programme for the Swiss dental degree. Evidence that a person has the qualifications or expertise required for diagnostic applications of radiation generators for dental purposes is provided by

  • a Swiss dental degree,
  • a foreign dental degree recognized as equivalent, or
  • a successfully completed examination as a cantonally certified dentist.

Graduate foreign dentist degree

Foreign dentist degrees recognized by the Medical Professions Commission (MEBEKO) are assumed to include a training and expertise in radioprotection and no additional courses or proficiency programmes have to be completed.

Dental hygienists (HF)

The dental hygienist (professional college/HF) title provides evidence of the necessary qualifications for intraoral and extraoral imaging (OPT, teleradiography). Regarding the necessary qualifications for Digital Volume Tomography, the FOPH is in contact with the professional societies and the schools concerned.

Dental assistants (EFZ)

The dental assistant proficiency certificate (EFZ) provides evidence of the necessary qualifications for intraoral X-ray examinations. Dental assistants are thus entitled to operate dental X-ray systems under the direction of an expert dentist. However, only intraoral imaging is permitted.

To gain the qualifications required for extraoral imaging and orthopantomography (OPT), dental assistants have to attend an additional FOPH recognized course. However, this training is not currently available in Switzerland.

Foreign training as dental assistants

A foreign training can be recognized by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI. The qualifications for intraoral X-ray examinations follow directly with a recognition by the SERI. The link to SERI can be found on this page under ‘Links’.

Training in radiology for dental assistants with no current permission

The following training centres offer FOPH-recognized courses that will entitle dental assistants to perform intraoral imaging:

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