Additional conventional imaging techniques

In order to be allowed to take radiological images of the trunk and the abdomen medical assistants need to accomplish additional training in a FOPH-recognized course. Further information can be found here.

The Swiss Association of Medical Practice Assistants (SVA), the Centro Professionale Sociosanitario medico-tecnico in Locarno and the Association Romande des Assistantes Médicales each sponsor a FOPH-recognized course providing the qualifications required for additional conventional imaging techniques.

The following steps are involved in obtaining the FOPH-recognized certificate of "Radiological protection qualifications for additional conventional imaging techniques":

  1. Attending at least 80% of a training course offered by a suitably qualified college. The colleges concerned have concluded a collaboration agreement with one of the sponsoring organizations.
  2. Furnishing a certificate in which an expert physician confirms that the medical practice assistant has successfully independently performed 50 (high-dose X-ray) imaging procedures. Responsibility for the procedures rests with the signatory physician.Passing a final practical examination (achieving a grade of 4 or higher).

Further information on courses and on the colleges offering them can be obtained directly from the sponsoring organizations (see under ‘Links’ below).

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