Commerce and transport

Commerce with X-Ray devices and radioactive sources 

Commerce with X-Ray devices and radioactive sources

The license holder for the commerce of X-Ray devices or radioactive sources must have a radiation protection expert who has to follow a FOPH-recognized course.

Occupation Expert course Length School (course)
Commerce with radioactive sources Radioprotection expert for the commerce of sources 3 days
Commerce, installation and maintenance of medical X-Ray devices

Sachverstand im Strahlenschutz für Handel, Installation und Wartung medizinischer Röntgenanlagen

Experts en radioprotection dans le domaine de l'installation d'appareils médicaux émettant des radiations ionisantes

5 Tage

PSI (K524)




Transport of radioactive sources

A company transporting radioactive material or sources must have a dangerous goods officer. Moreover the drivers need to follow a radioprotection training.

Course Length School (course)
Expert: Dangerous Goods Officer 5 days (ADR inclusive) PSI (K870)
Technical qualification: ADR basic course class 7

1 day

3 days

PSI (K871)


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