Radiological protection training for radiologists

Radiologen benötigen eine spezielle Ausbildung im Strahlenschutz. Die genauen Anforderungen zum Erhalt der Sachkunde im Strahlenschutz im Bereich der Radiologie (CT, Mammographie u.a.) finden Sie hier.

Training is based on the Ordinance of 15 September 1998 on Training and Permitted Activities in Radiological Protection (Radiological Protection Training Ordinance).

In the training programme leading to a Swiss radiology specialist title, the content relevant to radiological protection is defined as follows:

  1. Radiophysics and radiobiology
  2. Structure of matter, types of radiation (generation and properties), radiation-matter interaction, radioactivity, radiation measurement, radiation effects in biological systems, dose-effect curves, repair mechanisms, radiation risk (including radiation accidents).
  3. Personal protection in diagnostic and interventional radiology:
    1. Legal foundations and implementing regulations
    2. Dose concepts, diagnostic reference levels, limits
    3. Basic principles and practical application of radiological protection

This content is included in the first intermediate examination for specialists. It is defined in detail in the curriculum of the specialist training programme. At present, no other specific courses have to be taken.

For further information, please consult the specialist training programme on the FMH website (see the link below).

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