Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine physicians must have followed a specific training in radiation protection. The requirements for the medical use of radioactive substances in humans are described below.

The required training in radiation protection is provided as an advanced training programme consisting of three modules. The award of a nuclear medicine specialist title thus provides evidence of the qualifications specified in Art. 172, Par. 1, and Art. 182, Par. 1, of the Radiological Protection Ordinance (RPO) for the use of unsealed radioactive sources in humans for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in Switzerland. With the completion of the advanced training, the nuclear medicine physicians meet the requirements for being able to serve as radiological protection experts in their field of activity according to Art. 182, Par. 2, RPO.

Content of Modules I, II and III

Module I:

Theory, self-study [at least 24 lessons]:

  • Radiophysics
  • Radiobiology
  • Radiation measurement

Module I involves self-study, and the content forms part of the first intermediate examination in nuclear medicine. Candidates who pass the first intermediate examination are thus considered to have successfully completed Module I.

Module II:

Theoretical and practical instruction in the following topics [32 lessons]:

  • Legal foundations
  • Radiation measurement
  • Personal dosimetry
  • Contamination measurement and decontamination
  • Practical radiological protection
  • Quality assurance of medical equipment

Module III:

Practical instruction in the following topics [24 lessons]:

  • Legal foundations
  • Radiochemistry / radiopharmacy
  • Handling of unsealed radioactive sources
  • Quality assurance / control of radiopharmaceuticals

The three modules must be taken in the correct order. Module I is integrated into the first intermediate examination of the nuclear medicine specialist training programme. Separate examinations have to be taken for Modules II and III.

Course venues and dates

Modules II and III are scheduled to take place once a year; the dates are announced at the beginning of the year. For the year 2018 the following dates have been set:

Module II: April, 30th -  May, 3rd 2018, Institute of Applied Radiophysics (IRA), University of Lausanne

Module III: November, 29th-30th 2018, ETH Zurich (SGRRC)

Registration for Module II: 

Institut de Radiophysique IRA
Rue du Grand-Pré 1
1007 Lausanne

Tel: + 41 21 31 48 068
Fax : + 41 21 31 48 299

Registration for Module III:

SSRRC (Swiss Society of Radiopharmacy / Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry), modul III

Continuing education

Nuclear medicine physicians must undergo an accredited continuing education and provide evidence that they fulfill the requirements, i. e. they attended at least 8 units of instruction every five years.  

You can find more information on the page dedicated to continuing education.

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