Under the Radiological Protection Act and Ordinance, physicians who use ionizing radiation in humans must be appropriately trained for the application in question. The radiological protection training required for physicians varies according to the specialty.


  Qualifications for high-dose procedures: Evidence of expertise:
General medicine ST+CPCM A
Anaesthesiology ST+SSIPM B
Angiology ST+UVSS B
Surgery ST1 B
Dermatology and Venerology ST+SSDV B
Gastroenterology ST+SGG B
Internal medicine ST+CPCM A
Cardiology ST+SSC B
Paediatrics and adolescent medicine ST+CPCM A
Paediatric surgery ST B
Medical oncology ST+CPCM A
Neurosurgery ST1 B
Neurology ST+CPCM A
Nuclear medicine ST2 ST2
Orthopaedic surgery and Traumatology of the motion apparatus ST1 B
Otorhinolaryngology ST A
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation ST1 B
Pulmonology ST+SGP B
Radiology ST ST
Radiation oncology ST ST
Rheumatology CPCM or SSIPM A or B
Urology ST1 B


1 The corresponding course type A or B recognized by the FOPH is included in the current version of this specialization program.
2 Not automatically applicable for previously recognized non-Swiss specialist titles. The radiological protection training undergone abroad must be separately recognized by the FOPH Radiological Protection Division on an individual basis.
3 Private courses organized by the Swiss Medical Association or specialist societies. For further information, please contact the FMH or the relevant society directly.

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