Information for Training centres

Organizations wishing to offer training as specified in Article 174 of the RPO have to be recognized by the competent supervisory authority. Courses in the medical, research and teaching sectors are recognized by the FOPH.

The conditions for recognition of a course, and the content and scope, are specified in article 8 and tables 2-4 in the annexes to the Ordinance on Training and Permitted Activities in Radiological Protection (Radiological Protection Training Ordinance).

The procedure for recognition of a course is as follows:

  1. initial contact with the recognition authority to clarify the conditions for submission of an application;
  2. submission of a fully documented application;
  3. processing of the application by the recognition authority and requesting of any additional documentation required;
  4. recognition of the course (in the form of a decree) granted for a maximum period of 10 years.


Last modification 11.01.2021

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