Information for Training centres

Organizations wishing to offer training as specified in Articles 11-16 and 18 of the RPO have to be recognized by the competent supervisory authority. Courses in the medical, research and teaching sectors are recognized by the FOPH. 

The conditions for recognition of a course, and the content and scope, are specified in Annexes 1 and 3 to the Ordinance on Training and Permitted Activities in Radiological Protection (Radiological Protection Training Ordinance).

The procedure for recognition of a course is as follows:

  1. initial contact with the recognition authority to clarify the conditions for submission of an application;
  2. submission of a fully documented application;
  3. processing of the application by the recognition authority and requesting of any additional documentation required;
  4. recognition of the course (in the form of a decree) granted for a maximum period of 10 years.

Facts & figures on "XY"

Health equity: facts & figures

Health equity is of great importance. The National Strategy for the Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD-Strategy) and the National Strategy on Addiction and Mental Health focus on this topic in 2018.

News on "XY"

«Antibiotics: Use wisely, take precisely»

9.11.18 - The FOPH, FSVO, FOAG and FOEN have launched a campaign to raise awareness among the Swiss population about the responsible use of antibiotics.

SmokeFree: it always makes sense to stop smoking

The SmokeFree campaign has chosen the slogan “I am stronger” to reflect the fact that you have to be strong to quit smoking. Just how strong is shown in a TV commercial featuring a man tearing a telephone book in half.

Further information

1. The Right to Information

Rights to information about your health, investigations and treatments, consequences and risks, financial aspects and the option of a second opinion and rights relating to residential and nursing home contracts – find out more here.

17th adjustment ordinance

The 17th adjustment ordinance will amend a number of annuities and the maximum insured income in line with the evolution of the nominal wage index from 2017.

2. Free and Informed Consent

A precondition for treatment or care is the patient's consent. Read here to find out when a treatment may be provided without consent and what is meant by capable and incapable of judgement.

3. Right of Free Choice

You can generally specify the healthcare professional and hospital. Are the costs covered if you have to find a hospital outside the canton where you live? Can you freely choose a care home? Find out the answers here.

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