Safety data sheet: Guide for synthetic nanomaterials

The guide is designed to help manufacturers correctly complete the safety data sheet for nanomaterials, thus improving the flow of information along the supply chain.  

The safety data sheet (SDS) plays a key role in the transmission of safety-relevant information along the supply chain. It allows occupational users of raw materials, intermediate and end products to identify potential risks and implement the necessary precautionary measures. The same applies to synthetic nanomaterials.

Filling in the safety data sheet correctly

The guide for synthetic nanomaterials supplements the existing general guide for “The safety data sheet in Switzerland”. It is designed to help identify the particularly relevant additional information and to correctly fill in the safety data sheets for nanomaterials.

The guide explicitly deals with manufactured and hence “synthetic” nanomaterials; naturally occurring nanomaterials are not considered.

Last modification 09.08.2018

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