Industrial, commercial and retail applications

A survey on industrial, commercial and retail applications of synthetic nanomaterials was conducted on behalf of Suva in 2007. 

A representative corporate survey conducted by the “Institut de Santé au Travail” on behalf of Suva revealed that the use of nanomaterials in Switzerland was still relatively modest in 2007.

Based on statistical estimates, roughly 600 businesses in Switzerland used nanomaterials in 2007. The study examined

  • how, where and in what quantities synthetic nanomaterials were used in Swiss industry
  • how many employees potentially came into contact with them
  • what kinds of procedures were in place to protect employees and the environment.
Sectoral distribution of nanomaterial applications

Nanomaterials used in quantities exceeding 1 ton per year were soot (carbon black), titanium dioxide, iron oxide, polymers, silicium dioxide, zinc oxide and silver.

This study was supported by the Federal Offices of Public Health (OFPH), for Environment (FOEN), the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the French institute for health and safety at work (AFSSET).

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