Chemicals are present in any home in forms ranging from grill lighters to washing and cleaning products. People often use hazardous substances such as acids and solvents at home or at work. A failure to handle them properly can result in serious health problems. Here you’ll find useful information on how to handle chemicals at home and at work, as well as information on environmental toxins in the home, chemical safety and nanotechnology. 

Chemicals in everyday life

We are in contact with chemicals on an almost daily basis. But whereas a toilet cleaner is easily recognised as a chemical, the fact that washing-up liquid and hand soap are chemicals as well barely registers anymore.


InfoNano is the Swiss federal government’s central information hub for nanotechnology. It provides information on the opportunities and risks associated with nanomaterials, where nanomaterials are used and the completed action plan for synthetic nanomaterials (2008-19). Key topics include guidelines on safe use, promotion of public dialogue, key research and regulatory updates.